jueves, diciembre 19, 2013

La Lista: Los Videos Del 2013


1. Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E* "Need You 100%" Director: Ian Robertson


2. David Bowie "Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy)" Director: David Bowie


3. Jim James "State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U)" Director: Clean White Lines


4. Phoenix "Trying To Be Cool" Director: CANADA


5. Wild Nothing "Only Heather" Director: Ryan Reichenfeld


6. Pixies "Andro Queen" Director: Ondi Timoner


7. Arcade Fire "Reflektor" Director: Anton Corbijn


8. The Ocean Blue "Sad Night, Where Is Morning?" Director: Christian Erikson


9. Camera Obscura "Break It To You Gently" Director: Joseph Mann


10. I Can Chase Dragons! "Tauro" Director: Jorge Granados Ross

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