domingo, diciembre 20, 2015

La Lista: Los Videos Del 2015

1. Björk "Stonemilker (360 Degree Virtual Reality)" Director: Andrew Thomas Huang

 2. Florence + The Machine "What Kind Of Man (The Odyssey Chapter 1)" Director: Vincent Haycock

 3. David Bowie "Blackstar" Director: Johan Renck

4. Paul Mccartney and Michale Jackson "Say Say Say (2015 Remix) Director: Ryan Heffington

5. Florence + The Machine "Ship To Wreck (The Odyssey - Chapter 3) Director: Vincent Haycock

6. Royal Blood "Out Of Time" Director: David Wilson And Christy Karacas

7. New Order "Restless" Director: NYSU

8. Richard Hawley "Heart Of Oak" Director: Anaïs Wrench Roumens

 9. Vietcong "Silhouettes" Director: Brook Linder

10. Brandon Flowers "Lonely Town" Director: Roboshobo

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