lunes, diciembre 17, 2018

La Lista: Los Videos Del 2018


1. The Chemical Brothers   "Free Yourself"   Director: Dom & Nic


2. Foster The People   "Worst Nites"   Director: Mark Foster & John Hutcherson


3. Sundara Karma   "One Last Night On Earth"   Director: Oscar Pollock


4. Beck   "Colors"   Director: Edgar Wright


5. Florence + The Machine   "Hunger"   Director: AG Rojas


6. Beach House   "Dark Spring"   Director: Zia Anger

7. LCD Soundsystem   "Oh Baby"   Director: Rian Johnson.


8. Blossoms   "How Long Will This Last?"   Director: Charlie Watts.


9. Low   "Dancing And Blood"   Director: Karlos Rene Ayala


10. Snow Patrol   "Empress"   Director: Brett Simon

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